What kind of area can we expect to hunt in, and how will we hunt?

What type of accommodations are provided in your price?

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For more information, contact Ray Kliscz at 715-669-5128 (evenings) or e-mail rkliscz@hotmail.com.


What kind of bucks does this area produce?

As you can see by our photos, bucks in the 120-160 Pope & Young class are fairly common. But as any experienced hunter knows, hunting is hunting, and older mature bucks donít make many mistakes. Mother Nature with her variable weather and winds also plays a very important part. White Tines Guide Service will work their hardest with their hopes that everyone will get a shot opportunity at a P & Y whitetail by having a variety of stand locations for all wind directions.

Ray Kliscz and his "Halloween Buck."

Lead Guide Ray Kliscz with wife Theresa and 2000 trophy buck.


All photos shown are of bucks taken by us, in our area, with archery equipment.