What kind of area can we expect to hunt in, and how will we hunt?

What type of bucks does this area produce?

What type of accommodations are included in your price?

Our Fees

Ray's Tips & Tricks

For more information, contact Ray Kliscz at 715-669-5128 (evenings) or e-mail rkliscz@hotmail.com.



What we will do for you:

White Tines Guide Service limits its hunters to a maximum of four hunters per week. A group of 2 or 3 is preferred. We have the stand locations ready and will help you in your hunt as much as you feel is necessary. We will help track game, get your deer out of the woods, and transport it to a local processing plant. Hunters are responsible for the cost of processing. We will also work with you on any special requests. Other hunting opportunities are available should you harvest your deer early and your partner is still pursuing his trophy.

We want your hunt to be a rewarding experience with your bow as well as with the experience of the hunt itself

Ray Kliscz and "Beaver Dam" buck.


All photos shown are of bucks taken by us, in our area, with archery equipment.